"After taking the class with my wife and daughter, we all feel very CAPABLE and READY to take this all important life changing journey together."

John M.

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"College Prep Hawaii has taught me many important steps to finding the perfect college. I learned that there is so much more to a college besides a school’s name and price, it’s about what the school can offer you. Not only are Aunty Caprice and Aunty Pat knowledgeable resources, but they are also family that cares and is willing to help."

Kalen G.

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"All sections of the class were valuable and I liked all resources and tools. Several of the tools I did not know about but they would have been helpful during my eldest college search."

Sandy W.

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“When I needed advice, College Prep Hawaii was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With their help, we managed to get back on track in no time.”

Senior Survey Reply

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Aunty Caprice and Aunty Pat are very creative in presenting information via hands-on games. Not only fun but I retained the information better than sitting for hours.  They had my attention! Thank you Aunites.

Mark T.

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"Thank you Aunty Pat and Aunty Caprice for teaching me how important starting early on applications are! I feel extremely prepared to finish all my applications by the early action deadline. Thank you again!"

Mila G.

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"The best section of the class was the GPA game. It showed my child what other things are important for admissions.”

Michelle U.

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"A big MAHALO to Caprice, Pat and Reno for creating College Prep Hawaii and being the BEST instructors ever!!"

The "M" Ohana


"The class was so much fun and very informative. It was so nice knowing that you have gone through what we are heading into and how you survived and are now sharing all this information."


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"Caprice and Pat are so fun. We really enjoyed all the information shared. They are very engaging and help you to truly enjoy learning."



Caprice and Pat are knowledgeable and fun! The two hours we spend with them at each class fly by because they are so engaging as they share information with us. They are warm and loving, they make us feel that they are more like friends and aunties than teachers.
I highly recommend College Prep Hawaii to anyone with a college bound student!


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