It's never too early to start your college journey

College Prep Hawaii's mission is proactive planning and redefining college readiness! We offer four FREE workshops to get families equipped to start planning for college as early as 8th, 9th and 10th grade. Join us.. You'll be glad you did...


​Not sure why, when, where, how to start college planning? 

  • Do you really know why a college education is important?

  • Understand the fundamentals of the college journey & why to start NOW!

  • Learn how your student tells their high school story... Build the Resume!

  • Find out why a GPA is more important than you think

  • The BASICS to get started... You’ll be surprised on how much there is to do! 


How to maximize a college tour and the standardized tests.

Learn how to find the right fit college with the right tools.
• Overview of SAT / ACT test strategies
• College Tours - When to start and how to make them effective
• How to make the most of the college fairs here in Hawaii
• Tips on how to build relationships with college admissions counselors

• Hands-on activities that will drive home the message! 


Have you thought about how much college costs today? How to start building your college financial readiness toolbox​

  • Current Trends in College Costs

  • Understanding Tuition Structures​

  • College is a big investment, why its like buying a house...

  • Private vs. Public College - Which is best for you? 

  • Have you heard about the WUE scholarship? 

  • College cost comparisons

  • Alternative ways to save $$

  • Q&A 




Getting ready for Senior Year

This year is geared towards planning for Senior Year; by year-end, all students will have…

  • A college  “short list"

  • List of scholarships

  • Comprehensive insight on the WUE program

  • Developed a SAT/ACT strategy plan

  • College fair and college tour strategies

  • Techniques to conquer essays and interviews

  • Insight into the college admissions process

  • Timelines to achieve Junior year milestones

  • Developed interview techniques and soft skills 

  • Interactive sessions filled with activities that will “drive home the message” for both student and parents

  • Tools and resources to drive decisions

  • Plus, much, much more...

  • So tell me… What type of helicopter parent are you?  Want to find out? Join our class. 

  • ​Details: ​

    • 4 workshops in the year​; Sept - April

    • Private consultations

    • Text/phone  when you need us


Executing the plan & Enjoying Senior Year

This year is geared towards applying for college and scholarships, and all the details that go along with it...

  • Prep for the FAFSA

  • Introduce the CSS Profile

  • Explore different college application methods

  • College interview tips

  • How to interpret award letters.. read the fine print!

  • Understand billed vs. unbilled costs

  • Understand May 1st Milestone date 

  • What do I do after May 1st?

  • Understanding budgeting as a college student 

  • College Dorm shopping

  • Interaction sessions filled with activities that will "drive home the message" for both student and parents

  • Tools and resources to drive decisions

  • Plus, much, much more...

  • Details: 

    • 4 workshops in the year; Sept - April​

    • Private consultations

    • Text/Phone when you need us​

  • Will see you next summer


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