Working With You

  • Meet our special guest and ask your college admission questions...

  • Many adults have job resumes, BUT do you know what a high school resume is? 

  • It could be the difference between your child getting into college or not.  Come learn about and actually build your child’s high school resume together in this fun, energized workshop from College Prep Hawaii. 

  • Planning a College Tour? Don't settle, maximize your tour and learn how to save $$

  • Make a hotel reservation, rent a car, get on a plane and go.  Figure it out when you get there…Right? 

  • Did you know that college touring is an art and there is much more planning involved than the average family realizes.  Come learn how to tour colleges the right way, there are many things to REQUEST from the colleges which most families don't know exist.  Don't just go on a college tour, MAXIMIZE your tour!   Learn tricks that will save you time and money and make the most of your college tour.   

Contact College Prep Hawaii with questions, excited to see you on October 21st.